RGT#7: Light of the Night (Haiku)

Piercing white lamplight The moon and stars shine above Shadows growing long Image Credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e5/69/ba/e569baa7719fc158295c0c8fd5205b02--rainy-night-rainy-days.jpg


RGT#6: Evening Color

Blue sweeping across the heavens, a felt curtain; Grey streaks, like wisdom’s kisses on old heads; Silver faintly peeking through the curtain of blue – The eye of the Father, watching his children through the falling night. ~o~ Brown framed in wizened fingers of worn wood; Black spearing skyward, starkly scarring the clear horizon. ~o~ …

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Azure Gossamer skylight draping down A lush patchwork of turquoise-robed fairies Perched sprightly on frames of weather-worn hardwood Reaching heavenward for the guardian of the day  Shining                    Nurturing                      Shading Beaming               Nourishing               Assuring Pillar of life and timeless …

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