RGT#9: Sea Song

Breathing The soul of the sea The glint of life reflected On water and sand Sing, my soul To the accompaniment of roaring surf Image Credit: Jarrett Soon, 2017


HeartSong #2: Fountain of Song

The singers step onto the stage Lips poised in readiness to sing The notes that bubble deep within Now gushing fresh like mountain spring ~o~ Melodies that mist the air Harmonies hang on the breeze Rhythm as we breathe as one Strike the chord, heads bob, notes cease. Inspired by my experience singing outdoors with …

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NewSong MtM: Rachael Piscatello

Hello Rachael! I'm glad you were willing to join me on this series. Rachael is one of the sweetest and yet most focused individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. Her duet of "Safe and Sound" with her sister Lois, during a choir fundraiser concert, was one of the best covers of that song …

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R&R: A Simple Defense of “Ladies First”

I am a man. Well, almost a man. I’ve long considered twenty-one years of age to be the age of adulthood, the age of maturity, of full responsibility for one’s actions. There have been many aspects of manhood I’ve had to learn painfully and gradually, and many aspects that I wish I had been taught …

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