RGT#6: Evening Color

Blue sweeping across the heavens, a felt curtain;

Grey streaks, like wisdom’s kisses on old heads;

Silver faintly peeking through the curtain of blue –

The eye of the Father, watching his children through the falling night.


Brown framed in wizened fingers of worn wood;

Black spearing skyward, starkly scarring the clear horizon.


Green tufts popping up, unruly as child’s hair;

Tan frosting the tufted carpet with dry wisps;

Russet curled in gentle grasp, gracing the green –

The hand of the Father, reaching down to caress His earth goodnight.

This is the poem that started the whole RGT series. I was sitting outside a little church, staring into the evening sky, and ideas about color started popping into my head. I started playing with word and word length, and this is the result.

Image Credit: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/515aaa6be4b063d29d1c71ea/t/527cb5bee4b04313ee67bc67/1383904706253/Mikko-Lagerstedt-Something-About-A-Tree-2.jpg


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