Life Update – Hold On For The Ride

February 8, 2018 Have I really been home for more than a month? It’s amazing how quickly my body and mind has adapted to a familiar, and yet different, setting. Life just keeps moving, and learning to thoughtfully appreciate each day has been the latest challenge for me. I love to check things off my …

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Theme Park Queue

A cross-section of humanity Tightly packed Clumps of scattered chatter Standing like stagnant water Heads turned away from lights above to lights in hand Waiting Waiting Waiting For the lights, camera, action The whirling thrills of the ride to come

RGT#10: Stand Tall

Stand tall, O soldier of the wood In cap and cape of feathery forest green Spread to shelter from scorching heat Stand tall, solitary standard bearer. ~ Stand tall, old soul of the wood Whispering winds of wisdom Sharing scented sweetness Stand tall, generous green giant. ~ Stand tall, weathered warden of the wood Watcher …

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