RGT#9: Sea Song

Breathing The soul of the sea The glint of life reflected On water and sand Sing, my soul To the accompaniment of roaring surf Image Credit: Jarrett Soon, 2017


HeartSong #2: Fountain of Song

The singers step onto the stage Lips poised in readiness to sing The notes that bubble deep within Now gushing fresh like mountain spring ~o~ Melodies that mist the air Harmonies hang on the breeze Rhythm as we breathe as one Strike the chord, heads bob, notes cease. Inspired by my experience singing outdoors with …

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HeartSong #1: Remember, Remember

Remember, remember The boots that beat a cruel clip On streets of cobbled gravestone Remember The hushed heavy sighs in silence Crouched in crafty corners Remember The screams of sorrow as soldiers surged and the sons of Shem scattered Remember The trains that huffed and heaved Wooden walls withholding Wending through the way of woe …

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R&R: Brotherhood in Marawi

http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/catch-up-tv/rebellion-in-marawi?cid=FBins When I first saw the link to this video and report, I opened it, intrigued. I didn't get around to watching it for several days, and I am thankful I did watch it in the end. I have the deepest respect for the men who told their stories in it, and for their willingness …

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