NewSong MtM: Daneen Krygsheld

Hello Daneen! I’m glad you were willing to join me on this series. Daneen is the one on the right of the picture, accompanied by Corrine and Annie. Daneen and I were never formally introduced to each other before NewSong, and I have quickly grown to appreciate her deadpan humour, as well as her impressively accurate (for an American) pronunciation of the name of my hometown, Kota Kemuning.

If you could sum yourself up in five words, what would those words be?

Laughter, sarcasm, family, friends, and laughter.

Tell us a little about the rest of your family?

I’m the youngest of three girls. Brenna is my oldest sister; she’s [in her twenties]. Brenna is a speech therapist, and Dorelle is a court reporter in downtown Chicago. My mom is a nurse, and my dad owns a tire place for semis and trailers, and I love them. [Also], I have a [one-eyed] dog [named Jack].

Tell us a little about the current church you attend (at home or at college or both)?

I go to a CRC church at home, Bethel CRC, [and I’ve] been there my whole life.  Lots of people I love are there. The people there have gotten my family through a lot of tough times, so I love coming back to that church.

Why did you initially audition for NewSong?

Jesus. <chuckles> Um, honestly I wasn’t going to until two days before audition. Kathryn McDonald, [a NewSong 2016 alum], encouraged me to try out, even when I didn’t think I was good enough to. Also, Doc [Dr. David Smith, Genevans choir conductor] helped me when I had no idea what to sing for my audition. [In short], I didn’t have a good enough reason not to [audition].

Final meal if you were on death row?

Anything my mom makes. And then chocolate. Anything Dove Chocolate.

What do you do for relaxation or fun?

When I’m home my family plays board games together. When I’m at school [and need] a break from homework, I watch Netflix or listen to music.

One little-known fact about you?

I took Irish dancing classes when I was little.

One song from NewSong’s current repertoire that gets stuck in your head?

Psalm 118 (The Lord is my Strength and my Song)

Favorite Bible hero/verse/book/etc.?

Esther, and not just because she’s a girl. She [goes through] a real struggle. I identify with her when she tries to go talk to the king three different times, and [has to] work up the courage or confidence [to do so]. [The courage did] not just [come] from her own self; it [came] from God, [for she risked] her life. She, [on her own], could have not said anything.

Favorite movie(s)?

Anything Disney. “She’s the Man” is a favorite of my sisters and mine, and “Big Fat Greek Wedding”.


What would you most want people to remember you for?

My prayer for this year for NewSong is that God is seen through what I do. It’s easy for me, while singing, not to think about the words I’m singing. I just want to be a light.

Thanks for the inside scoop, Daneen!

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She’s the Man:

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