NewSong Intros: Corrine Alderfer

Hello Corrine! I’m glad you were willing to join me on this series. I had no idea Corrine was in the Genevans choir, and I only found that fact out after the NewSong list was posted. Though she has a soft-spoken, friendly demeanour, it hides a beautifully clear voice and surprising occasional wit.

If you could sum yourself up in five words, what would those words be?

Gentle, organized, friendly, Jesus-lovin’, happy.

Tell us a little about the rest of your family?

I have a younger brother named Trent [who] is going into 11th grade. My dad is a painting contractor and my mom is a preschool teacher, and I love them all.

Tell us a little about the current church you attend (at home or at college or both)?

The church I go to at home is the same church I’ve been going to since I was born and the church I grew up in. [It’s named] Indian Valley Faith Fellowship, and it’s an evangelical Mennonite church. It’s like my second home and second family. A lot of the adults that go to the church have been mentors to me, and [this church] is where my best friends go. [My church is] one place I feel most comfortable because of the people that go there.

Why did you initially audition for NewSong?

I didn’t decide to audition till a few days before [the auditions]. I liked the idea of being in a small singing group, [and] I had [been part of] an a capella choir, [composed of] about 10 people, in high school. That’s what originally got me thinking about it. I didn’t realize the ministry aspect of NewSong till [after the] audition. Once I auditioned I realized the ministry opportunity, and that got me even more excited about NewSong. God was the reason I auditioned. I really didn’t know what I was getting into till I got into the group.

Final meal if you were on death row?

Assortments of popcorn and donuts. Mostly buttered popcorn, and the donuts from Dot’s Pastry Shop in Ocean City, NJ.

Image result for dot's donuts ocean city 

What do you do for relaxation or fun?

Watch Netflix – this summer I’m watching the Dick Van Dyke show.

One little-known fact about you?

I grew up bowling and being in bowling leagues. A good game for me would be a 250.

One song from NewSong’s current repertoire that gets stuck in your head?

Buckled Over. It’s catchy, and it [must] be [for it to get stuck in my head] even though we haven’t done it in concert yet!

Favorite Bible hero/verse/book/etc.?

I really enjoy reading stories of people that God has used, even though they were sinful. While everyone is sinful, there are specific stories – like the story of Moses. He ran away from Egypt and from things he didn’t want to deal with. God used him even though he didn’t think he was capable. Another example would be the disciples. They [did] not always trust in Jesus, but he still chose them as his disciples. It’s encouraging for me to read about specific people, and it is easy for me to relate to stories as specific [as those]. It reminds me that God can still use me even in my sin.

Favorite movie(s)?

The Princess Bride, because it has the perfect balance of action, romance, and comedy. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is another good one.

Image result for princess bride Image result for ferris bueller's day off

What would you most want people to remember you for?

I don’t really want people to remember me. I want them to see Jesus working through me, and know that it really isn’t me, but God working through me. I don’t need them to remember me.

Thanks for being willing to do this interview, Corrine!


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